Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket is a sport that boasts a big fan base across the world, especially in India, where its popularity is second to none. The game has, over time, treated its fans to some of the finest players including Kapil Dev, Rahul Dravid, and Sachin Tendulkar: true legends in every sense of the word. It is, therefore, not surprising, to realise that cricket enjoys a significant betting market. National and international tournaments pull large crowds and many bettors. So, do you want to make money betting on cricket?

Cricket betting, like any other gambling, is not easy to win. If you think it is all about signing up to a site, placing a few bets, and waiting to roll in cash, then think again. The books need to make money, (and they must), so you must defy them if you want to win your bet. Here are the tips to help you lower the advantage of the sportsbooks.


As a serious gambler, you will want to pay due diligence before risking your money. And let’s be honest, this may not work for the recreational bettor. To be successful, you need to do some legwork. Things like current injuries, starting players, and weather conditions, are critical as far as cricket betting is concerned. Thus, for example, you need to look at the history of players, or teams, to determine how they fare when the weather changes.

Have Multiple Accounts

This does not mean having more than one account at one sportsbook; get it right, as you may find yourself in trouble. What we mean is, that you should register no more than one account at each different sportsbook. And undoubtedly, there is a good reason for this: sportsbooks tend to be competitive regarding price, so you want to land a better deal. This merely means paying less to place your wagers (or losing less if you like).

Join the Right Book

This means a couple of things. First, you want to play at a legitimate sportsbook. There is no point in playing where you cannot withdraw your winnings. Secondly, the book should offer deals to spice up the game. Things like reduced juice, cash back, and small bets; anything that puts more money in the bettor’s pocket.